My name is Britta Wilson and I am the designer of BrittaWear organic cotton robes. 

I grew up in a small beach town in the north county coastal area of San Diego.  I developed my love and passion for animals and nature growing up on the beach.    

Shortly after high school l left San Diego for the big city of Hollywood to pursue a modeling and acting career.  My job would take me to exotic locations, one being Japan, where I fell in love with the Japanese summer yukata.  Upon returning home, it was my dream to share this very unique, comfortable and fashionable robe with women in the West.

This dream was put on the back burnerwhen I left Hollywood to pursue another dream, working to help animals.  While working in the animal field I learned a lot about the environment and how habitat loss and pollution are big threats to animals, as well as people.  This knowledge combined with my previous dream of bringing the Japanese summer yukata to the West led to my eco-friendly clothing line, BrittaWear.

In 2005, BrittaWear was launched.  Staying true to what is important to me, not exploiting the environment, animals or people, I decided to incorporate eco-friendly fabrics, like organic cotton, grown without chemicals and pesticides in my designs. I search worldwide for the finest fabrics, with the softest hand, and combine these with timeless, classic designs.

BrittaWear is sewn in a sweat-free environment in the USA and a portion of the proceeds benefit charities which support a clean, natural environment and the compassionate treatment of animals. 

BrittaWear has been featured in 944 magazine, Curve magazine, Ranch and Coast magazine, Surface Design Journal and the Green Gift Guide of Treehugger.com.

Thank you for our interest in BrittaWear.  By supporting eco-friendly products you are investing in your future, your children's future and the future of our planet.